Best Way to Clean Dust from Carpet After Construction & Remodeling in Borrego Springs, NV

Thousands of homeowners tackle one or more remodeling projects each and every year. Remodeling your home can help turn your home into a place that best suits the needs of your and your family. The process of remodeling is both exciting and stressful to go through. Watching your vision turn into reality brings so much joy. There are so many different remodeling projects that you can choose to do in your home. Popular remodeling projects include kitchen remodels; bathrooms remodels; taking walls out or adding walls in; adding on square footage to your home; and more. Your project may include one room in your home or affect your entire home. Remodeling your home is an option that many homeowners choose so that they can stay in their home instead of relocating their families. Many times remodeling your home is cheaper than it would be to purchase a new home that meets all of the needs that your family has. In addition to saving money remodeling allows you to stay by your neighbors that you have come to love and cherish. The saying “it takes a village to raise a child” rings true for many people throughout the country. Not having to leave your village can be a large blessing. Many people think that when they are done with their project that life can go right back to normal. Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning would like to suggest that you do not stop working once the project is completed. You will want to thoroughly clean your home after your project is finished. When you remodel your home dust and building materials end up in all sorts of places throughout your home. If you leave the dust and debris in your home it can cause all sorts of different problems in your home.

Cleaning Carpet & Upholstery After Remodeling

Let’s start by talking about your carpet. When you remodel it is impossible not to get construction dust and debris in your home. This dust and debris like to wiggle itself way down into your carpet fibers. If you leave it there it will decrease your indoor air quality; decrease the aesthetic appeal of your carpet; cause issues for family members with allergies and asthma; and eventually cause stains to develop. After your project is finished you will want to vacuum your floors thoroughly. You will also want to have your carpets professionally cleaned.
Cleaning your carpets is not where the process ends. Your rugs, drapes, mattresses, and furniture will also need to be cleaned properly. Construction dirt and debris will find its way into the smallest crevices in all of these surfaces. Just like leaving it in your carpet, leaving the dirt and debris in your rugs, drapes, mattresses, and furniture will cause all sorts of issues.

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You would hate to spend all your time and energy remodeling your home just to leave it looking dingy after the project was completed. Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning can come out and help clean your carpets, rugs, tile, wood, upholstery, and mattresses. Our amazing technicians are skilled in helping you get your home sparkly and shiny so that you can begin enjoying your remodeling project. Contact us today!

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