How to Make Carpet Last Longer in Chula Vista, CA; Keep the Dirt of the House & More

When you get fresh new carpet installed in your house they look amazing. They are soft and plush and are the perfect color. That is not something that will last because we have to live on them. Once you start walking on them and are living everyday life they will start to get dirty, stained and damaged. The process of having new carpet installed is quite a chore and can uproot your life. The other aspect happens to be the cost that you pay to have your old carpet removed and the new carpet purchased and installed. It is best to do what you can to protect the carpet so that it will last longer. There are some tips on ways you can extend the life of your carpet which will save you money.

Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning Lists Tips On How to Extend the Life Of Your Carpets

Keep the Dirt Off Carpet & Out of the House: One of the main ways that your carpet is damaged and stained is from the dirt that is brought in the house. That dirt originates outside and can get in your house via several different ways. One is when you open the doors and windows the air that will blow in has dirt particles. The other and more common way happens to be on your person and more specifically on the bottom of your shoes. You walk around all day and as you do dirt and debris gets stuck to your shoes. Then you walk right in your house and the carpet is great for wiping all that dirt off. The problem is now the carpet has all that dirt that is being ground in. You want to do what you can to prevent the dirt by using mats to wipe your feet before you come inside.
Vacuum Regularly: You want to make sure that you do your part in keeping your carpets clean. The dirt and debris that is sitting on the carpets will start to compact into the fibers and potentially cause damage. You can combat this problem by making sure that you run your vacuum on a regular basis. The vacuum will be able to pull the dirt from the carpets. It is best keep as much dirt off the carpets as you can. The more traffic that you have in your house the more likely it is that you need to run your vacuum more often.
Treat Carpet Spills Fast: If you ever are dealing with spills on your carpet you want to make sure that you treat them right away. The longer the spill is left on the carpet the more likely that a stain will appear and damage the area. You want to make sure that you are ready with the right tools to clean each type of stain properly.
Professional Carpet Cleaning: Lastly it is important to have your carpets cleaned professionally on a regular basis as well. When they are cleaned professionally the carpets will stay looking their best much longer.

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