How to Get Rid of Bugs from Your Mattress in Pacific Beach, CA; Steam Cleaning & More

It is common to clean stains off of mattresses and do routine mattress cleaning along with periodic deep cleaning. Since mattresses develop odors and bodily secretions, even new mattresses require cleaning and proper maintenance. Mattress cleaning can be very easy to clean. About once a month it is recommended you vacuum and spray a disinfectant on your mattress, and if needs be, some baking soda to repel odors. Once a year to every three years, calling a professional can help deep clean your mattresses. However, when bugs move in they can pose a serious challenge in cleaning your mattress and rid you of bugs. If you have had bugs in your home and you want to save your mattress, Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning will share a few ways to reclaim your mattress from bugs.

Steam Cleaning Your Mattress

The first method is using a professional mattress cleaning service. Requesting a steam mattress cleaning will help clean and deodorize your mattress. At the same time, it will also kill the bugs hiding on your mattress. Bugs are sensitive to heat and they will die once exposed to certain temperatures. When asking a professional to come and clean your mattress, be sure to tell them that you had a run in with bugs and need your mattresses steam treated. This will help them to know the proper method and techniques to use when steam cleaning your mattress. Additionally, request that the box spring gets steam treated as well. Often bugs will hide in box springs as well.

DIY Mattress Cleaning

This next method is often recommended to co-inside with professional steam cleaning. However it can also be done solo. This method will require Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth and a mattress cover. For future bug prevention, get a cover that prevents bugs. Diatomaceous Earth is becoming well known for its pest control properties. When it comes to bugs, Diatomaceous Earth dehydrates and absorbs the oil and fats out of bugs very quickly. This will kill them within a short period of time. If you have had your mattress steam treated first, make sure before you use this DIY method to allow the mattress to completely dry. Once the mattress is dry you will want to apply the Diatomaceous Earth. It is recommended to use a duster to help distribute the Diatomaceous Earth evenly. It only takes a thin layer. Diatomaceous Earth is a powder, so essentially you are powdering your mattress. Make sure you apply the Diatomaceous Earth on the top and bottom of the mattress along with all four sides. Once you have applied the Diatomaceous Earth on the mattress, use the mattress cover to seal the bugs in. By sealing the bugs inside the cover, you will make sure the Diatomaceous Earth does its work, and the bugs can’t escape and hide. Leave the cover on for a full year. In case the bugs have found shelter from the Diatomaceous Earth your next move is to starve them. Some bugs can live a year without feeding. If they can’t escape the cover they will eventually die from starvation.

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Bugs can be a serious nuisance and infest a home very quickly. Don’t hesitate to have your mattress professionally steamed cleaned. It is also strongly recommended to use a mattress cover if you want to skip the DIY mattress treatment to help protect you from any surviving bugs. For professional mattress cleaning, contact Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning today!

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