How to Clean Up Dog Urine, Diarrhea, Pet Hair & More from Carpet in Solana Beach, CA

Adding a loving pet to your home is a great way to bring a family together. Many households will choose a pet and come together to pick a name and give it a home to live in. Getting a new pet is not something that people just go out and get without thinking about it. Families often lay out the pros and the cons about what kind of pet they want and what work will be needed to care for them. After all the thought that goes into choosing the right pet the majority of Americans go with a dog. It is the most iconic pet and is called a man’s best friend for a reason. They are a pet that can be loved and cared for and they in turn will give you loyalty. They are also a way to increase the security around your house. Studies have shown that a house with a dog that barks is less likely to be broken into than a home without a dog. The barking dog alerts people in and around the house that there is a potential problem and scares someone off thinking they may be bitten. A dog is a wonderful part of the family but they can be hard on your belongings. One of the areas that takes the biggest hit is the carpet.

Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning Lists the Top Ways Your Dog May Be Making a Mess On Your Carpet

Dog Shedding Remedies: The cute puppy is so much to look at that most people are going to ignore some of the bad parts of having him. One of the things that might be overlooked at the time is that cute fluffy fur will be all over your house and all over your clothes as you walk out the door for work. Most standard dogs will shed all year long but they usually go through a larger shedding two times a year. When the weather changes from hot to cold and back most dogs will lose their coat and grow a new one. This means the amount of pet hair, fur and dander you will find on your carpets and even upholstery will be outstanding. You can keep up on the hair and dander by running your vacuum often. Then be sure that you follow up with regular carpet cleaning.
Pet Accidents on Carpet: The other problem that you need to be worried about when you have new dog in your home is the accidents that they will have. No dog is perfect and they all at some point will pee and poop on your carpets. You need to be sure that you are ready to clean these stains up that include removing the odor as well. The odor is the bigger problem because it will settle in the carpet fibers and backing. You need to have a way to neutralize the odor as well as clean the pet stain.
Muddy Dog Paws: Lastly your dog will be outside whether for a walk or a bathroom break. The mud and the dirt is outside and will get on the paws of your pooch. Then they run in the house and leave the mud and dirt deposits on the carpet for you to clean up. There is a very specific way to clean mud off of carpet which includes letting it on the carpet long enough to dry. It makes it easier to clean when it is dry and can be prevented from spreading out further.

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