How to Clean & Remove Old, Dried Grease Stains from the Carpet in Your Valley Center, CA Home

In the midst of summertime, it is common to enjoy a good BBQ. It most situations, it is ideal for family get togethers as we continue to observe social distancing and taking the precautions we need, but still have an opportunity to enjoy our loved one’s company. With BBQ food often comes greasy foods, though greasy foods can be an issue all year long. With the increased volume of greasy food, we at Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning would like to offer our recommendations to remove the greasy food spots from your carpet.

Carpet Grease Remover Supplies

Collect the following supplies: (note the appropriate cleaner for your carpet type):
– Cleaning Solution:
• Wool – Utilize a dry-cleaning solvent for carpets and follow the specific instructions on the label.
• Synthetic – Combine 4 cups cold water, 1 tbsp ammonia, and ¼ tsp of mild liquid dish soap in a squirt bottle.
• Oriental – In a spray bottle, mix 1-part white vinegar with 2 parts cold water.
– Plain white, dry towel or rag.
– Vacuum.
– Several plain white, clean rags or paper towels.
– Only cold water in a spray bottle.
– Weights or heavy objects
aution: No matter if you use a DIY remedy or a commercial carpet cleaning product, you need to perform a patch test to ensure the carpet will not be damaged, lightened, or discolored. This test needs to b conducted in the inconspicuous area.

How to Get Grease Stains Out of Carpet

1) To remove as much of the excess grease as possible, use a paper towel or clean rag to blot the grease. In order to keep the grease from spreading out, start blotting the exterior and work your way towards the center and never scrub or rub, only blot.
2) Without over wetting the carpet, administer the cleaner to the grease stain and for 5 minutes, to allow it to break down the grease.
3) Depending on the spill, you will likely need multiple paper towels or rags to blot the stain. Be sure to use a new one once the paper towel is over encumbered and only blot the area. Repeat the application and blotting until grease is removed.
4) After the grease removal, rinse the area free of residual solution, to avoid attracting dust and dirt, resulting in a brown spot. Rinse with a rag dampen with clean water.
5) Place a dry towel on the damp area and weight it down so the moisture beneath the carpet can be absorbed after the excess moisture is removed. Allow several hours or overnight to dry.
6) After the area is completely dry, vacuum the are to return the fibers to their form.
Extra Tips
1) To prevent the staining, never use hot water, only use warm/cool water.
2) Never reach for bleach, it will permanently lighten the carpet. Since both will cause damage to your carpet, do not substitute with dishwasher detergent or laundry detergent. Do not use ammonia on wool.
3) Rubbing alcohol, mineral spirits, lighter fluid, or paint thinner treated cotton ball can treat synthetic carpets if necessary, just use caution. Bear in mind that these remedies are highly flammable, use at your own risk.

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