How to Clean & Get Wet or Dry Nose Blood Stains & Smells Out of Carpet in Bonita, CA

There are hundreds of things that are magical about summertime. Having your kids home from school for such a long break and getting to spend extra time with them is so wonderful! You get extra time to go on vacation, do crafts, play games, watch movies, have friends over, swim, and so much more. Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning hopes that you are fully enjoying all of these activities with your family.

Frequent Summer Nosebleeds

In addition to all of the fantastic things that come with summer there are a few drawbacks. The hot temperatures can be uncomfortable. On hot days you can get hot and sweaty after being outside for just a few minutes. You may find yourself suffering from frequent nosebleeds this summer. Experts say that nosebleeds do indeed happen more often during the summer for a variety of reasons. The heat causes your nasal cavity to dry out which leads to subsequent nosebleeds. The heat can also intensify allergies. Severe allergic reactions can also be the cause of your increasing nosebleeds. Are you or your someone in your family suffering from frequent nosebleeds? If you are experiencing frequent nosebleeds you may have gotten blood on your carpet. Getting blood out of your carpet can be tricky. Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning has some tips for you today on how to get blood out of your carpet.

Get Blood Out of Carpet with Cold Water

First you can try using cold water. Get a spray bottle and put some cold water into it. Spray the water on the area of your carpet that has blood on it. Then take a dry towel and dab the area. Make sure that you do not rub the area with the towel. Rubbing the area just makes the stain go further into the fibers of the carpet. If this does not get the stain out repeat the process or try one of the other tips that we have.

Ammonia Can Remove Blood from Carpet

If plain water did not get your stain out get out some ammonia. Do not use this method if you have wool carpet. If you do not have wool carpet you should give this method a try. Mix two tablespoons of ammonia with eight ounces of water. Put the solution into a spray bottle. Spray the solution onto the stained area and allow it to sit on the carpet for 5 minutes. Then get a dry white towel and dab the area. As mentioned above do not rub your carpet with the towel.

Salt Blood Removal from Carpet

After a bloody nose you may go looking for ammonia and realize that you do not have any ammonia. If this happens to you get out your salt. Get some water and put it into a bowl. Add salt to the bowl and mix it until it makes a thin paste. It may take you a minute to get the right consistency. Once you have successfully made a paste apply the paste onto the stained area and let it sit on the carpet for 5 minutes. Once the 5 minutes is up take a clean white towel and dab the area until the stain comes out.

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Hopefully one of these methods will help you get the blood stain out of your carpet. If it does not give the professionals here at Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning a call. We can come out and steam clean your carpet and get the blood stains out. Contact us today!

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