How to Clean & Get Dried Super, Nail, Wood, Elmer’s School or Other Glue Out of Carpet in Oceanside, CA

While you’re relaxing at home, everyone loves walking around on clean, plush carpet. Your carpet can stay in pretty good shape over the years with proper carpet care techniques, as the everyday spills happen. When you spill glue, you may be wondering to remove glue from carpet. Though there are many options to address the issue, there are a few that are effective enough to remove the glue residues. Today, we at Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning would like to offer a few methods on how to easily remove glue from carpets.
Caution: In an inconspicuous spot, make sure to always perform a patch test of the solution you choose to use. Stick with using white paper towels, rag, or towels to avoid dye transference.

Scrape Glue from Carpet

When trying to remove glue from carpet, one of the most critical things you can do is act quickly. Since many kinds of glues are especially quick drying, as soon as you discover the glue stain, be sure to take action. Scrape any glue residue off of the affected area on the carpet carefully with a sharp knife.

What Removes Wet Glue Fast?

1) Dab at the glue stain using a paper towel.
2) If the glue is still wet, this method is only effective. It will not be able to transfer to another material and off of your carpet if the glue is dry. If this is the case, hiring a professional carpet cleaning expert may be a good option to consider.

How to Get Dried Glue Out of Carpet

1) With a thin cloth, cover the glue stain.
2) Begin to heat up the glue by running a hot iron over the cloth, which is sitting on top of the glue stain, using a household iron.
3) It will then be absorbed into the thin cloth as the glue should turn into a liquid substance. This is a particularly good way to get rid of unwanted glue stains or small drippings if in the event you do a lot of arts and crafts and use hot glue guns.

Method 2 to Remove Dried Glue from Carpet

1) Grab a pair of household scissors if you discover the glue stain long after it has dried and hardened.
2) In order to remove the glue residue, slowly and carefully cut the affected area of the carpet. This method is only effective on thick carpets with long fibers.

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Glue has many variations and adhesive strengths. If you are having difficulties removing glue from your carpets, you need professionals on your side to remove the glue efficiently. If you are having problems with glue on your carpets in Southern California, contact the professionals Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning and let us help. Our professionals have the initial training, experience, and skills to get the carpets properly cleaned. In addition to having an expert taking care of your carpets, we use advanced equipment and premium products to maximize our efforts.

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