How to Choose Easy to Clean Flooring for Your Casa de Oro-Mount Helix, CA Home

Since people know that Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning are the experts on clean flooring we frequently get asked what type of flooring would be the best options for their home. With so many different flooring options out there it can be overwhelming to know what to choose for your home. Today we have some things for you to consider as you make your choice on what type of flooring might be the best for your home. If you are in the market for new flooring this article is a must read!

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is a popular choice these days. Hardwood flooring has many amazing qualities. Most people choose hardwood flooring because they love the durability and warmth that it brings. There are many different options of wood to choose from. You can choose from more traditional options like cherry and oak or more exotic woods that are widely available for consumers. You can also choose between a variety of styles of each wood. If you choose hardwood flooring Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning can help you install your flooring. We also offer refinishing services for hardwood flooring.

Laminate Hard Floors

If you love the look of hardwood flooring but want to spend a little less on your flooring laminate flooring is something that you will want to consider. Laminate flooring is composed of wood-based materials that are layers together and then topped with a wood grain photographic imprint on the top of each board. This gives you the look of hardwood without the price. In the last ten years laminate wood has really come a long way. Sometimes you cannot tell if it is laminate or hardwood without really examining the flooring.

Natural Stone or Manmade Tile & Grout Flooring

Tile flooring is used in homes throughout the country. One fun thing about tile flooring is that it comes in so many different options. You can find tile in just about every color you can imagine. Some tile has beautiful patterns and designs in it as well. You can choose an option like porcelain that is very cost effective or some of the more expensive options like marble, granite, travertine, or slate. Take the time to research the different tile materials before you purchase to make sure that it will suit the needs of your family. When you install tile flooring you will have grout lines. Grout lines need to be cleaned regularly to ensure that they stay nice and clean. You will want to have Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning come out and clean your grout on a regular basis.


Many people choose to have carpet in at least a portion of their home. Carpet is an excellent choice for areas that you want a little bit of extra comfort and softness. Carpet is nice and soft on your feet. It is also nice and warm during the cold winter months. You can find carpet in a large variety of colors, lengths, and softness. If you have carpet in your home you will want to vacuum it regularly as well as have Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning come out and steam clean it for you.

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Hopefully this article has helped you learn more about the different flooring options that are available. Just remember that whatever you choose Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning can help you keep it clean. Contact us today!

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