Cleaning Mattresses to Remove Dust Mites, Bugs, Sweat Stains & Contaminants in Pine Valley, CA

At the end of a long hard day crawling into your bed is so fantastic. Knowing that you can lay down and relax into a good night’s sleep is such a relief. Having a mattress you love is something that will definitely help you sleep better. You should do your homework before purchasing a mattress so that you get one that truly suits your needs best. Once you have a mattress you love taking care of it properly is important. Do you even know why you should learn to take good care of your mattress? Many people do not even think about this question. There are a few reasons to take good care of your mattress. First taking care of your mattress will help it stay nicer for longer. Second your mattress will stay cleaner and not causes issues for anyone sleeping on it. Today Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning wants to talk about what is currently on your mattress. As you sleep on your mattress each and every day there are all sorts of different things that start lurking on it that you are probably unaware of.

Yellow Sweat Stain on Mattress

Studies report that humans produce up to 26 gallons of sweat every year when they are in bed. The sweat will seep into your mattress and create the perfect breeding ground for fungi and bacteria to grow.

Food Crumbs in Bed

If you eat or drink in bed you will undoubtedly get crumbs of food on your mattress. Crumbs and food spills can seep into your mattress and give nutrition to any bacteria or other microorganisms that are trying to grow in your mattress.

Foundation, Eyeshadow & Makeup Stains on Mattres

Americans consumer millions of different cosmetic products every year. Lotions, creams, makeups, and hair products all transfer to your mattress while you sleep. Even if you take time to wash your face each night before bed some of your cosmetics are bound to find their way onto your mattress.

Dead Skin Cells in Mattress

Every day the average human body sheds 500 million skin cells. As you are sleeping these dead skin cells slide off your body and onto the mattress.

Bed Bacteria & Allergens

There are all sorts of skin oral, intestinal, fecal, and genital bacteria that build up on your bed as you use it. Your mattress will get dust mites and dead skin on it from humans, pets, and insects. The dust mites and dead skin will cause problems for anyone in your home that suffers from asthma or allergies.

Chemicals on Mattress

When your mattress, sheets, and other bed are manufactured they all have different chemicals that are a part of the process. These chemicals will build up on your mattress. Over time they can be harmful to your health.

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As you can see there are tons of things that you do not want on your mattress that are probably there right this very second. Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning offers mattress cleaning services. Our technicians will help you get these things out of your mattress and get it sparkling clean. Contact us today!

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