How Long Does it Take for Carpet to Dry After Professional Steam Cleaning in Bay Ho, CA

When you invest in a carpet cleaning service, most people want to know how soon the carpets will be dry, especially after the professional recommends that no one should be on it until does. People have experienced it taking several days for their carpets dry because they were so wet when the professional left. This is not normal and is typically the result of cheap, low-quality services. Most reputable companies will try to keep the carpet dry time between 4 and 8 hours. However, there are some factors you need to consider that might influence longer dry times. Today, we at Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning would like to discuss a few the primary circumstances that will influence the dry time of your carpets following a professional cleaning.

Carpet Type Helps Determine Drying Time

Each home can vary with dry time because the circumstance before, during, and after differ at the time of professional carpet cleaning. Types of fiber and length play a significant part in the dry time. Shaggier carpets will take longer than carpets that are short. With different types of carpet having different reactions with water, that too dictates the dry time. For example polypropylene carpet doesn’t absorb moisture, which leaves it on the surface so the carpets feel damper for longer than wool carpets for example that can absorb up to 30% of its weight with water. With the different types of carpeting available, that alone will influence how long it takes to dry.

Cleaning Dirty Carpet Results in Longer Drying Time

Professional cleaning frequency impact the dry time of the carpets. For carpets that are cleaned every 6-12 months, it doesn’t take as long to dry in comparison to carpets that don’t get regular cleanings. Carpets that do not get professionally cleaned have deep compacted soil that takes more detergents to loosen the embedded soil and extra water to push the particles to extract it from the fibers. Making them a little damper, even though the extraction equipment will remove majority of the moisture.

Carpet Dries Slower in Humid & Cold Weather

Current weather and climate conditions are a factor that also are a contributing factor. Humidity and cold weather especially will slow the drying process down. With heat and air movement, the carpets are able to evaporate the moisture better whereas the humid conditions make evaporation difficult to let moisture into the air that is already dense. Cooler temperatures also slow it down the evaporating process as well, making the dry time take longer.

Carpet Cleaning Process Determines Drying Time

Professional companies will also influence the dry time as they all have their own approach and methods to cleaning carpets. Some use little to no water in their techniques or others rely on the deep extraction process to tackle tough stains and potent odors. High-powered extraction equipment is capable of pushing the water and detergent through the carpets to remove the soil, contaminates, and allergens while absolving the stains and neutralizing the odors. No matter how the professionals choose to combat the carpet impurities, the methods and techniques will ultimately play a role in the dry time.

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