How Can I Keep My Carpet Nice & Clean with My Dog in Alpine, CA? Vacuuming, Deep Steam Cleaning & More

Owning dogs is a joy that most people love. Their loyalty and comfort are irreplaceable and the companionship they provide is unmeasurable. Though they offer people many advantages, dog ownership has many disadvantages, and keeping the carpets clean and fresh is among the challenges. To help you have better clean and fresh carpets despite the adorable, yet slobbery and furry friends you share your home with, we at Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning would like to offer some tips and advice on the subject.

How Do You Keep Your Carpet Clean if You have Pets?

1) Clean Dog’s Paws After a Walk. The dog’s paws are often the source of most of the debris that gets tracked inside. To reduce the amount of dirt they will disperse throughout your home, clean the dog’s paws after each walk. Keep a towel, wipes, and a spray bottle near the door to catch mud and dirt before entering with your pups in order to prolong time between carpet cleanings.
2) Maintain a Clean Dog to Keep a Cleaner Home. The less dirt and mess they can make throughout the home, the cleaner you can keep your dog. Reduce the amount of oil and dirt on their bodies and in their fur that can be transferred onto the carpet by regularly brushing and bathing your pup. Additionally, the upholstery should also be cleaned as well.
3) High Traffic Areas Should have Runners Placed. In order to collect dirt before the pooch gets to your primary and more expensive carpeting in the home, using runners in the higher trafficked areas of your home will help. Before he or she starts to roam around, it is best to monitor your dog’s traffic patterns and lay down runners that should help catch excess dirt.
4) Vacuum Carpet Often. The only way to stay on top of the never-ending supply of shedding hair and dirt that comes with having a four-legged best friend is done through regular vacuuming of highly trafficked areas. When you need carpets cleaned while having a dog in the home, carpets should be vacuumed daily. If vacuuming carpets daily is an impossible task, vacuum as frequently as you can to keep up on the dog fur and dander floating around the home.
5) Change Air Filters. Having a pet inside the home also means changing the filters more often to your HVAC system. If the filters clog up too soon, the house, and the carpets, suffer.
6) Professional Deep Cleaning of Carpet & Upholstery. There is no substitute for a professional carpet cleaning service from a team of experienced specialists when you have a dog, besides keeping up with cleaning and vacuuming. Technicians can adequately prepare for the added dander and debris that will be found in the carpets when you book your appointment, remind the scheduler that you have a dog.

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