Homemade Carpet Cleaners, Cleaning Solutions & Stain Removers for Spot Treating Pet, Red Wine & Old Stains in Poway, CA

Most homes choose to have carpet in the main living areas and in the bedrooms. If you have carpet you need to do what you can to care for them so they look good. One way to do that is to vacuum them on a regular basis to help remove the debris that is left behind from everyday life. Another important aspect of caring for your carpet is to have them cleaned professionally. This is the best way to extend the life of your carpets. The last way to care for your carpets is to clean up spills as soon as possible. There is going to be many types of spills that you will encounter over time and you will need to have several options for cleaning them.

Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning Lists Cleaning Solutions to Remove Different Stains

Using White Wine to Remove Red Wine Stains Out of Carpet: This is a cleaning option that you can use on your carpets. It may seem very counterproductive to spill more on the carpet to clean it but it will in fact interact with a particular type of spill. If you have a red wine spill and you are there to clean it right away, white wine is the answer. In order for the red wine to be cleaned off it needs to be diluted right away. This is what the white wine is for, you want to use the white wine to spill on the area. Once it has been diluted you can use a clean cloth to dab away the wine, both white and red. The next step in cleaning red wine is to use table salt to cover the area. Allow the salt to sit on the spot for about ten minutes then use the vacuum to remove all the excess.
White Vinegar to Remove Many Carpet Stains: Many people know that using white vinegar to clean their stone floors is a perfect solution. That is not the only thing that vinegar is good at cleaning. You can also clean toilets or any other surface that you want to disinfect. The white vinegar is great on spills on your carpet. You want to mix the water with one part water and one part vinegar and put it in a spray bottle. Be sure that the bottle is clearly marked and use it when you need it. You can spray it on the spill and use a clean cloth to dab away the spot or stain.
Using Dish Soap or Laundry Detergent to Get Out Carpet Stains: If you want to clean just about any spill on your carpet you can use dish washing soap or laundry soap mixed with warm water. The best way to use this solution is to mix a batch and soak a clean cloth to use. Apply the cloth to the area and press it in to soak the spot. Then use a dry cloth to get the moisture out of the carpet.

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