Dirt, Dust Mites, Mold, Pollen & Other Pollutants Removed During Carpet Cleaning in Alpine, CA

Only to be used on special and rare occasions, professional carpet cleaning is often viewed as a luxury service. Professional cleaning should be done at least once a year in residential application and more often if there is excessive foot-traffic, occupants that are plagued with asthma and allergy issues, and other circumstances according to manufacturers and various industry leaders. Implementing scheduled professional carpet cleaning with your own carpet care and maintenance is vital in preserving your carpet’s overall condition, health, and lifespan. There are common substances, chemicals, and particles removed during the professional carpet cleaning that we at Steam Magic Capet Cleaning would like to share today.

Contaminants & Allergens in Carpet

There are many allergens and contaminates that can cause allergies and ailments, as well as reducing the indoor air quality in your home. A few examples of the allergens include mold spores, pollen, and dust mites among others. Reduce the buildup and concentration of the allergens, especially if you are susceptible to asthma attacks and frequent allergy outbreaks by vacuuming daily. Keep in mind, that though there is significantly less, and it takes longer to accumulate, some of these allergens escape the vacuuming and buildup beneath the surface where professional carpet cleaning can remove them. Exposure to the family, the common contaminates such as microbes, bacteria, and germs spread along the carpet fibers. Colds, flus, and other ailments get passed around as these contaminates continue to grow.

Dirt, Dust & Debris in Carpet

Inside homes are commonly plagued with dirt and dust that fester in carpeting. Dirt and dust as well as other debris such as food crumbs and other particles, easily absorb into the carpet fibers as carpet acts as a natural filter. The buildup of soil beneath the surface needs to be removed, though regular vacuuming certainly minimizes the volume of soil that gets trapped there. Without professional carpet cleaning, the accumulating dirt and debris accelerates the deterioration of the carpet from the bottom up due to foot traffic causing friction, and the particles being a natural abrasive creates a sandpaper-like effect. Also, the buildup of dirt and debris makes carpets look dingy and dulls the color in addition to attracting pests, contaminates, and allergens.

Carpet Odors

Substances that fester in carpets for any duration of time creates odors, and the build of the smell worsens over time. In order to neutralize the odors, the source needs to be removed and the odor molecules destroyed. Effective products and methods used by professionals effectively deodorize carpets.

Carpet Stains & Spots

Eyesores on carpets are the riddled spots and stains. The overall presentation and display of any carpet room that is otherwise immaculate is negatively impacted by the spots and stain blemishes. Safe for kids, pets, and the environment, but tough on carpets, professional carpet cleaning has the strength to efficiently remove tough and stubborn stains. Chemical films, textures that sticky or slimy, lighter or darker residues, pet accident, food and drink spills, and everything in between has a higher success of removal with professional carpet cleaning.

Pests in Carpet

There can potentially be a number of pests taking refuge in the carpeting of your home. Such examples include ticks, fleas, carpet beetles, and bed bugs, along with their eggs. Any of these pests in the carpets are removed during the professional carpet cleaning process.

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