Difference Between Hot Water Extraction Steam Cleaning & Shampooing Carpet in Ramona, CA

When you think about how to clean your carpet effectively you probably have a few things run through your mind immediately – vacuuming and professional carpet cleaning. In order to keep your carpets thoroughly cleaned you need to consistently vacuum them and routinely have them professionally cleaned. As you think about both of these cleaning methods there are a variety of things to keep in mind. Today Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning is going to spend some time talking about professional carpet cleaning.

Does Shampooing Carpets Ruin Them?

There are a few options available when it comes to professionally cleaning your carpets. You can have your carpets steam cleaned or you can have them cleaned with chemicals. You may know that there is more than one option but do you know what option is best for your carpet? Let’s start by talking about cleaning your carpet with chemicals. Frequently when we talk about using chemicals on your carpet we are talking about some kind of shampoo solution. This is one of the oldest methods of cleaning carpets out there. It definitely gets deeper into your carpet than a traditional vacuum. When the ability to shampoo was first introduced it was definitely a huge improvement over any other method that was on the market before that. When this method is used there are some drawbacks. One of the largest concerns when it comes to shampooing your carpet is that it is ineffective for treating deep stains. The shampoo works great on the top layers of the carpet but it does not penetrate all the way to the bottom layer of your carpet. Another concern is that sometimes there is sticky residue left on the carpet from the shampoo. This residue attracts dirt to it. This results in your carpet becoming dirty quickly which then defeats the purpose of having your carpets shampooed.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

Over time steam cleaning your carpets was introduced. Since then steam cleaning has become the preferred method to cleaning your carpet. Steam cleaning is also known as deep cleaning. Studies show that steam cleaning removes up to 97% of the dirt and bacteria that is on your carpet. One of the reasons that steam cleaning is able to remove such a high percentage of the dirt and bacteria is because it reaches all of the layers of your carpet. As stated above, when you shampoo your carpet it does not effectively reach the bottom layers of your carpet. There are also other benefits of having your carpets steam cleaned. Steam cleaning helps remove trapped pollutants from your carpet. This includes pet dander, allergens, dead bugs, paint, and cigarette smoke. Another benefit is that it clears out the microscopic dust mites that have built up in your carpet. Having your carpets steam cleaned will make your carpet look and feel renewed and refreshed. It will also increase the longevity of your carpet.

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If you have any other questions about why you should choose steam cleaning as the cleaning method of choice give Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning a call. We can answer any questions that you might have about the process.

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