Different Types of Carpet Flooring in Solana Beach, CA; Cut or Loop Pile Carpeting Fibers

Have you ever wondered why your carpet looks different than your neighbors? Well the differences between carpet doesn’t start and end with color. There are a plethora of options that are available to you when you have carpet in your house. Many people choose to have carpet in areas that they want to have comfort that hardwood or tile does not offer. This might be your living space or bedrooms. Having carpet means you need to know what the best method is to clean them. One of the most important things to know is what type of carpet you have so that you can treat them appropriately. There are two main types of carpets and under them there are several styles.

Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning Explains How to Clean Different Styles Of Carpet

Cut Pile Carpet Fibers: If you have a cut pile carpet than that means that you have carpet that has been attached to the backing. The fibers are usually lopped through the backing leaving a loop on top. The loops are then cut off and each strand is left open at the top instead of looped around. If you have this style of carpet it is usually nice a plush and looks and feels very full. You can get several types of cut pile carpets such as a plush option that is smooth and does not have any texture. There is also a Saxony style that means that the fibers are twisted and that means that it is even softer than the plush option. The problem that you might find with Saxony is because the fibers are quite long and that means more carpet dents. Frieze carpet is another style and is one of the longest styles that you can get of a cut pile. This style is what is referred to as a shag style carpet and that is why it is not a great idea in areas that you have a lot of traffic. The fibers can be stomped down and lose their fluffy look that you want.
Loop Pile Carpet Fibers: This is the other option that carpets come in. The process is very similar in the sense that the fibers are attached to the backing of the carpet. They make a loop at the end and that loop remains with this style of carpeting. This is one of the best styles you can get if you want to have a good durable carpet option. You can have Berber carpet that is great in areas that you plan to see a lot of traffic. They stand up well because the loops are quite small. The other option is when the loops are set in a pattern so that it makes a pattern when the carpet is installed. It can be lines of shapes that are in the carpet.

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No matter what type of carpet you have, you need to be sure that you have a great carpet cleaning company so that you can have your carpets cleaned professionally when needed. Contact Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning today!

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