Carpet Cleaning to Remove Allergens, Dirt, Debris, Dust Mites & Mold in Solana Beach California Homes!

A nice carpet in your living room or around your bedroom offers a comforting place to walk and rest. Lots of people love to lay on the carpet and watch a movie or play with the kids. Nothing is better than waking up and rolling out of your bed and landing on a nice soft carpeting. Carpets come in many different varieties, from types, lengths, patterns and colors. The one thing they all have in common is that they all get equally as dirty as the next! Carpets are also what everyone walks on, including walking in after being outside in the street or public place. The dirt and grime you pick up comes home on your shoes and onto the carpet. The carpet acts as a sponge and collects the dirt off your shoes and keeps it locked in the fibers and padding of the carpet.

Dirt, Dust Mites & Allergens in Carpet

Carpet is made of a fibrous material and can collect all kinds of allergens and dirt such as pet dander, insects, dirt and dust. These kinds of allergens can be brought in via many different ways. One way is they are on the peoples shoes that are coming over or a pet running in the yard and then coming inside. Pets also have dander that naturally flake off and land all over the house. These types of dirt and debris can be stuck down in the fibers and padding and when you do normal every day activities such as walking across or running the vacuum you are releasing these items back into the air.

Vacuum Cleaner Only Lifts Surface Dirt & Debris

A standard vacuum cleaner usually does not have enough suction to pull all the dirt, debris and allergens out of the carpet. This means that even though you have run your vacuum and on the surface, the carpet seems to be clean; it just isn’t. The left over dirt and debris can be hiding out and only come in contact with a person when it is aggravated by walking around or laying on the carpeting.

Professional Carpet Cleaning in San Diego, Solana Beach, La Mesa, Mission Valley, La Jolla, Del Mar, Poway, Encinitas, Chula Vista CA

The best way to ensure that all the things you cannot see but know are there on your carpets are removed, is to have them cleaned professionally once a month. You want to be sure to clean all the carpets and not just the high traffic areas. Although the high traffic areas may seem to need it more, the same amount of hidden dirt and debris can be in the lower traffic areas as well! For a good and reliable professional cleaning, you can call Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning for an estimate and to make an appointment today.

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