Can Vacuuming Remove Ground in Dirt, Stains & Odors from Carpet in La Mesa, CA?

There are several types of flooring that you can choose for your home. Whatever you choose you will need to make sure you know the best way to keep them clean. It is not cost effective to continue to replace the floors. It is a much wiser a decision to clean the properly. When you have hardwood, tile of stone floors you know that you need to use a broom to sweep the dirt and debris off the floor. Then you need to use a mop to clean off any spots and stains. When it comes to carpet in your home there are a lot of people that think that running their vacuum is sufficient to keep them clean. The carpet is made of fibers that are manufactured and attached to backing. This is what makes up the look, feel and pattern of your carpet. The carpet is something that you need to do more than just use the vacuum. You also need to make sure that you have them cleaned professionally as well.

Steam Green Carpet Cleaning Explains Why Running the Vacuum Over Your Carpets to Keep Them Clean Isn’t Enough

Vacuuming Won’t Remove Odors from Carpet: You might not think about your carpets as a place that odor exists but it is. The carpet is full of fibers that act just like a sponge which means that it will take on whatever drops on it. The problem is that there are some spills and other stains that will leave an odor behind even if you do clean it up. The odor is something that will settle down in the fibers, backing and padding. One of the main causes of carpet odor is from pet accidents. When they urinate on your carpets the stain is there but the odor will linger. The vacuum is a great way to do some of the cleaning but there is no way that it can get the odor out of the carpet. You need to follow up with carpet cleaning that can treat the odor.
Vacuuming Doesn’t Clean the Dirt Deep Down in Carpet Fibers: When you are running your vacuum the first initial look may seem good but what is lurking underneath. The vacuum is able to reach the dirt and the particles that are left on the top surface of the carpeting. The issue is that the debris is also being pushed down deeper in the carpet fibers all the way to the backing. That means that you need commercial grade suction to remove the hard to reach dirt. If you don’t the carpet will be saturated and become compacted down. This will wear the carpet out faster and require it to be replaced sooner.
Vacuuming Won’t Treat Carpet Stains: When you are dealing with keeping your carpets clean you need to be prepared to treat for stains, spills and spots. It can be anything from a spilled coffee cup, dropped dinner plate or candy stuck to the carpet. If you only use the vacuum it will not be able to treat the stains and spots that might be on your carpet. That is why you need to have a plan to treat the stains as well as have your carpets cleaned professionally.

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