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If you have ever blown out a candle that has been burning too long with a little too much gusto you know that the wax will splatter all over. If the candle has been sitting in a room that has carpet then you may have a problem. The wax starts off as a solid but when it is heated up it will turn to a liquid. The liquid wax will stay a liquid only as long as it stays hot. When the wax starts to cool off it will turn back into a solid. That makes cleaning a real difficult situation since the wet wax soaked around the carpet fibers. That is why you can’t just walk up and pick up the wax because it has encased the fibers. If you try and treat a wax spill with methods that are used to clean other spots and stains you could potentially can make the problem worse.

Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning Outlines the Best Method to Remove Wax From Your Carpet

Scrape Wax from Carpet: The first step that you need to take when you are dealing with a hot wax spill is to remove what excess that you can. This can be done in a few different ways. You can use a butter knife or other hard object like a credit card to work at the spot. When you work the area you need to be cautious that you are not damaging the carpet fibers. If you do, it can be unrepairable and you may need to have a carpet patch or new carpet installed. You want to work on a small spot at a time and as you remove bits of wax you want to pick it up as you go. You can do that with a vacuum or by picking them up by hand. Then the wax is ready to be treated with the second part.
Use Heat to Melt Dried Wax Spills on Carpet: The next step is to get the wax back to the liquid state. As stated before the way that wax is brought to the liquid state is with heat. You can use an easy method that uses a blow dryer or iron and some brown paper sacks. Start by placing a brown paper sack on the area that needs to be treated. You can then apply heat from the blow dryer or even your clothes iron to the area. Stay on the spot for some time to allow the wax to liquefy. Then pull the brown sack off the spot and with it will come the wax. When the wax turns back to liquid it will soak into the brown sack allowing you to remove it. You might need to repeat the process again to get all the spot off the carpet.

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