What Do Professional Carpet Cleaners Remove from Carpet in San Marcos, CA? Dust, Stains, Odors & More

As something to be used on the rare and special occasions as it is a luxury service, is how many people view professional carpet cleaning. A number of industry leaders recommend and encourage professional carpet cleaning should be done annually, and more so under various circumstances as carpet manufacturers, at the minimum. Professional deep carpet cleaning will keep the carpets in excellent condition, maintain the health, and preserve the lifespan as a part of your regular care and vacuuming maintenance. There are number of chemicals and particles that are removed by cleaning your carpets. Today, we at Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning would like to touch on the elements that are removed by professional cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning Removes Contaminants, Pollutants & Allergens

Resulting in family members passing illnesses and experiencing frequent allergy and asthma attacks, carpets are likely holding onto the contaminates and allergens that are introduced to your home. Dust mites, dust, pollens, mold spores, and other examples are common allergens. A portion of these allergens escape the vacuum and accumulate beneath the surface where they continue to agitate the occupants in the home where vacuuming daily can reduce the buildup and extend the carpet cleanings. To help improve the indoor air quality and contribute to relief, professional carpet cleaning reaches the deep-rooted allergens. Unfortunately, vacuuming is not always effective at removing these contaminates like the allergens, contaminates like bacteria, microbes, and germs easily spread.

Carpet Stain & Spot Removal

Unsightly spots and stains often tarnish carpets. With these disappointing marks, the carpets that are relatively clean look poor and unkept. Through professional carpet cleaning, tough and stubborn stains caused from foods, beverages, chemicals, pet waste, and other substances are more likely to be removed including the light, dark coloring, stains with slimy or sticky textures, and other spots that leave behind filmy residues.

Neutralizing Carpet Odors

Once they develop and the various substances that come into contact with the carpets is the source smells worsen over time. In order for the smells to be eliminated and through the professional carpet cleaning, both the source and odor molecules are gone to leave carpets fresh, the odor molecules and the source of the odors need to be effectively eliminated.

Removing Carpet Beetles & Insects

Insects and other pests are highly likely infesting the carpets taking refuge in the carpets. During the extracting process, bed bugs, carpet beetles, fleas, ticks, and other examples including their eggs can be removed from the carpets.

Remove Dirt, Dust, and Debris from Carpet

Where they collect the dust, dirt, and other debris, carpets are a natural filter inside homes. The filth makes the carpets feel dingy and look dull as they absorb into the carpet fibers. They accelerate the decay of carpeting from the bottom up, particulates that manage to escape the vacuum buildup beneath the surface as well. An abrasive substance and routine activities create the friction is a sandpaper-like effect takes place as the dirt and debris. The carpets will look vibrant, and you keep the carpets from experiencing the damage it would otherwise undergo, with professional carpet cleaning extracting the dirt and debris.

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