Stain Removal Tips; How to Get Dried or Wet Blood Stains Out of Carpet in Del Mar, CA

If you have ever had a cut that bleeds a lot you know that it can be hard to stop the dripping right away. That can mean that you are stuck with red spots of blood on the carpet and other flooring in your home. Cleaning the blood off the tile is not a big deal but the carpet can be a problem. Another issue that often occurs when cleaning blood is that you need to tend to the injury first which gives time for the blood to start to dry out or soak into the carpeting. The longer the blood sits, the harder it is to clean it up and remove it completely. Just like any other stain you need to be sure that you start treating it as soon as possible. Although you need to clean the spot as soon as possible you also need to know a process that works.

Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning Lists Steps to Remove A Blood Stain From Your Carpet

Remove All The Excess Blood from Carpet: If you are dealing with a blood stain on the carpet of course you need to act quickly. If you are not able to get to the blood until it dries you will need to remove the excess with a butter knife or soft bristle brush. If the spot is fresh enough that it is still wet you need to dab away the area pulling up as much moisture as you can. If the spot was dry be ready to run the vacuum over the area so you have a clear spot to clean the remaining blood stain.
Use Cold Water Only To Soak Carpet: One of the most important aspects of cleaning a blood stain is that you need to use cold water to soak the spot. If you choose to use hot water or even warm water you are actually setting the stain! You want to use cold water that is spritzed on the spot to soak the area but not over soak the area. If you add too much water you will spread the stain out further. After you soak the spot with cold water you need to allow it several minutes to soak in the area. Then follow up with dabbing the spot with a clean cloth to pull the stain off the carpet.
Clean Carpet Blood Stain With Liquid Dish Soap Or Salt: There are two methods that tend to work well when trying to get a red blood stain off your carpet. The first is using liquid dish soap that is mixed with cold water. Then soak the spot and dab at the area pulling the blood out a little at a time. The other method that will help is to make a salt paste. The salt should be mixed with a small amount of water until you have a paste consistency. Then apply the paste to the area and allow to sit before you dab it away.

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