Long Terms of Carpet Neglect in Mission Valley, CA; Buildup of Germs, Bacteria & More

Carpets are one of the most susceptible materials in your home to dirt and debris, potential stains, and odors. Like anything else you own, it requires maintenance and care to last. Without your commitment to ensuring they are cleaned, your investment will not last. Carpets should be thoroughly vacuumed 3-5 days a week at the least, immediately treated in the event of spills or pet accidents, and it should be professionally deep cleaned at minimum once a year. This is just an example of the minimum care. For those that offer the maximum maintenance including daily vacuuming, routine applications of pre-treatments, immediate spill and pet accident cleaning, and 1-2 times a year, or more if necessary, of professional carpet cleaning, the carpets can potentially last beyond their life expectancy. But if you neglect the needs of your carpets, we at Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning have listed the potential outcomes below.

Consequences of Carpet Neglect

Debris & Residues Buildup: Dirt isn’t the only thing that builds up on carpets, along the debris commonly includes food crumbs, dead skin cells, shed hair, pet damage, pet fur/hair, and other such particles. If the floors are not routinely vacuumed, these substances become trapped within the fibers and quickly accumulate, resulting in a number of consequences that include dingy and dull looking carpets as well as other unsightly characteristic development.
Rooms Aesthetics: The room always takes a dive in looks when the floors are riddled with stains and spots, and the dirt and debris is collected at uncomfortable volumes. No matter how immaculate the rest of the room looks, filthy carpets will bring down the overall aesthetics.
Deterioration of Color & Texture: Some of the unsightly effects of accumulated debris and staining results in the carpets coloring and patterns looking dull and faded, and in some cases completely altered depending on the stain. The physical characteristics caused from filthy carpets results in the fibers becoming coarse when they were initially soft, they will begin to matte, dent, and completely distort without routine vacuuming.
Powerful Odors: Most substances have odors attached to them. Without removing these substances, whether they are derived from spills, pet accidents, or debris, the odors will become more powerful. In many cases, homeowners do not even detect the odor, as it built up slowly over time and they were use to it, but when a guest comes over they are immediately hit with the foul smelling stench.
Shortened Lifespan: As we briefly mentioned, carpets, depending on the manufacturing process and routine care, dictate the projected lifespan. Falling short of the responsibilities will cause your carpets to be replaced far too soon.
Carpets Infesting with Insects: It is not uncommon for insects to wonder into your home or be brought in from a number of different sources. Filthy carpets provide the perfect eco-system; allowing the insects to eat, reproduce, and die. Common infestations include ants, fleas, ticks, and dust mites.
Germs, Bacteria & Viruses Spreading: Through direct contact, airborne, and other sources viruses, bacteria, and germs spread and can settle on the carpets. There is potentially up 200,000 of bacteria per square inch that can be found on dirty carpets, including E.Coli or Salmonella according to studies.
Mold & Other Microbe Growth: Highly likely on the carpets is mold spores. Vacuuming can remove a large number of spores and neglect can attract more. Under the right conditions such as moisture and temperature, mold spores can easily blossom, take root, and spread. Before too long, the mold can be overtaking the carpet, carpet pad, subfloor, baseboards and walls. Mildew and other microbes are other issues as well on filthy carpets.

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