Keeping Carpet, Upholstery & House Clean During Shelter in Place in Encinitas, CA; Cleaning Schedule, Chart & More

Throughout the country families are spending more time than normal inside the walls of their own homes. This sudden change is definitely different than the typical hustle and bustle that we are used to. As your family is at home you may be noticing that it is hard to keep your home clean right now. Today Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning has some tips for you on how to keep your house clean during this unusual time.

Easy House Cleaning Schedule

Take some time to think about what needs to be kept clean in your home. Go through each room in your home and list out the tasks that need to be completed. Some of these items will need to be done daily; some weekly; and some monthly. After you know what needs to be cleaned and how often you need it done, make a plan of who is going to help be in charge of these tasks. You can read more about chores in the next section. Your plan should include some chores or responsibilities for everyone in your household to be in charge of completing. If you have children it can be hard to know what types of chores your children are capable of doing on their own. Pinterest has tons of ideas for chores lists that you may want to take some time to look at. Your children are capable of truly being helpful in keeping your home clean.

Communicate Cleaning Expectations

One of the best things that you can do is clearly communicate what expectations you have for everyone in the house when it comes to cleaning. This will look very different from house to house. It does not matter what your expectations are, but it is important to share them. After you have decided what kind of plan you are going to have and who is going to be in charge of each chore, have a family meeting and thoroughly discuss the concept with your family. Make sure you give everyone a chance to ask any questions that they may have.

Cleaning Chart

Once everyone knows what the plan is you may want to consider posting the plan somewhere in your home. Charts or lists are both excellent options for this. You do not have to make anything elaborate, a simply chart or list will be just fine. Posting this somewhere will help remind your family what they need to be doing to help keep your home clean at this time.

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Why on earth does Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning care about your family keeping their home clean? We want your floors and upholstery to stay looking nice and clean. When you make a plan to keep all of your belongings nice and clean they will last longer. Unfortunately, no matter how often you vacuum your carpet, it needs professional carpet cleaning from time to time to remove the deep down soil and debris from the carpet fibers. We can assist you with this. Call us for all your professional steam cleaning needs!

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