How to Remove Recurring Carpet Wicking Stains that Keep Coming Back in Solana Beach, CA

Keeping the carpet in your home clean is a chore that has to be done on a regular basis. We all know that you need to run the vacuum over the carpet on a regular basis. The vacuum will remove the dirt, dust and debris that is brought in by your family. The other aspect of having carpets in your home is when someone spills on them. The carpet acts like any other textile and soaks in the liquid spills quite fast. This can happen when you send a child off with a cup of juice, at a party with friends or sitting at the table with your morning coffee. No matter what the spill is you need to work quickly to remove the spill as soon as possible. An occurrence that happens when you try to clean the stain from the carpet is that it shows back up a few hours to a few days later! This can be stressful and you might be wondering what could be causing it.

Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning Explains What Causes Carpet Wicking Stains to Keep Coming Back

Carpet Wicking: The first reason that a spill that has occurred on your carpet and cleaned appears again is from something that is called wicking. You have to understand the spill for this to make sense. The carpet is made from several layers that include the fibers that you walk on, the backing that holds it together and the padding that is laid under the carpet. Now imagine a drink being spilled on the carpet. It does not soak into the fibers and stop. It will soak down all the way to the padding if the spill is big enough or left to sit for a long time. When the spill is cleaned incorrectly the stain is lifted from the top of the carpet which is just the first layer. That means that the fibers will look clean but as the area you cleaned dries the stain will reappear. The reason is because the other layers will send the spill back up the to fibers. This is what is referred to as wicking.
Re-Soiling on Carpet: The other problem that occurs and will allow a stain to come back to the same spot is called re-soiling. When you go to clean the spill from your carpet you will likely use some form of cleaning product. The product that you choose to use could be leaving a residue on the carpet. This residue is usually a sticky substance that is left after you think the area has been cleaned. The residue will actually attract more dirt and debris and over days this same area will look stained again. The reason is that the residue is holding the dirt and debris on the spot more so than the areas that are surrounding it. You need to be sure that the residue is completely removed from the carpet after you have removed the stain.

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