How to Remove Different Types of Old Carpet Stains in San Diego, CA Like Gum & Oil

It seems that there are categories for just about anything. When you go to the store all the food is in a categories the type of paint that you use in your house are all sorted by category. It is a good idea to have an understanding about why things are placed into categories. When it comes to carpet stains categories are important. The reason that you want to know about the categories for stains on your carpet is to know how best to clean them. There are all kinds of spills that can occur on the carpets but the great thing is that there are three main categories that they all fall within. The cleaning that needs to be done for each of these categories are quite different.

Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning Outlines How to Remove the Three Main Categories of Carpet Stains

Water Based Carpet Stains: The first type of stain that you likely going to come across is a water soluble stain. These are all the spills that most people are dealing with on a regular basis because they are things such as foods like fruit and gravy or finger-paint and alcohol. The great thing about dealing with these types of stains is that they are a bit easier to break down. The stain can be attacked with a simple water based solution. You can use water mixed with some of your everyday dish detergent. This mixture can be sprayed on the spot and allowed to sit for a few minutes. Then you want to follow up with a clean cloth to dab at the spot. This will likely be all that is needed to work the stain and remove it from your carpet.
Oil Based Carpet Stains: The next category or level of stain that you are potentially going to come across is an oil based stain. This will include things that have some level of grease or oil in them. It can be foods that are fried and greasy or even oil from outdoor elements such as your car or bike. Another type of stain that is in this category is actually wax. The wax that might land on your carpet will need to be treated in the same manner. You can use a heated clothes iron to heat the area but not before you lay a brown paper sack over the spot. This will pull the stain off the carpet and soak it into the bag which you can then throw away.
Gummy Carpet Spots & Stains: The next category that you want to know the best way to clean off is gummy or sticky candy and gum. They can be quite difficult to treat if you happen to use the wrong method. The method that is needed is quite different than the rest of the cleaning methods. You can use a bag of ice to lay over the spot and allow it to freeze the gum. Then you can break the pieces off the carpet and loosen them so they can be thrown out. Use caution with this method so that you do not cause damage to the carpet fibers in the process.

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