How to Get Wet or Dried Latex, Oil or Water Based Paint Out of Carpet in Harbison Canyon, CA

All across the country parents spent the last few months of 2019 preparing for the wonderful Christmas holiday. Presents were purchased, wrapped, and put under the tree. Holiday parties were planned and attended. Family traditions were made and continued. Now families are busy enjoying the gifts that they received this Christmas season. Did anyone at your home get some new craft supplies for Christmas? Crafting is an extremely popular hobby that thousands of people enjoy on a daily basis. Creating homemade projects can be an extremely fun activity. Crafting can be a therapeutic activity with many benefits for people of all ages. There are a few downsides that come with crafting though. The main downside is that it can be extremely messy if you are not careful. Even the most careful of crafters can sometimes end up making a mess as they make their creations. If your kids are crafting they are more likely to make a mess as they do it. Today Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning wants to talk about how to get one of the most common craft supplies out of your carpet – paint!

How to Get Wet Paint Out of Carpet

When paint of any kind ends up on your carpet it may cause you to start panicking. Getting paint out of your carpet can seem like an impossible task. If you are careful you can remove the paint with some hard work. It is easiest to clean up a paint spill when it is wet. When you are crafting this is typically an option so you are in luck. First you will want to get a thick paper towel or a clean cloth and lightly blot the area to soak up as much liquid as possible. Do not scrub the area as you do this. Scrubbing the paint stain will result in the paint being pressed further into your carpet fibers.

Can You Get Dried Paint Out of Carpet

If the paint is dry it is harder to remove. You will want to get a utility knife or a pair of needle nose pliers for this task. Use the utility knife or pair of needle nose pliers to carefully remove as many chunks of paint as possible. Then vacuum up the debris.

How to Get Oil Based Paint Out of Carpet

For the next steps you will need to know what type of paint that you are working with first. Oil-based paint needs to be cleaned differently than water based or latex paint. If you are dealing with an oil-based paint you will want to get a wet cloth and put some paint cleaner on it. Pure acetone will work as well if you do not have any paint cleaner. Use the cloth to blot the stain until the paint starts to break down and dissolve. Oil-based paint takes a lot of patience to remove so try to work methodically and carefully as you do this.

How to Get Water Based or Latex Paint Out of Carpet

If you have water-based or latex paint you will want to get some hot water. Pour the hot water over the stained area. Then add a small amount of dish soap to the area. Get a stiff-bristled scrub brush and scrub the area until it lathers. Continue scrubbing until the stain dissolves.

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If you cannot get the paint out of your carpet give Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning a call. We can come out and professionally clean your carpet to help you get rid of the paint stain.

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