How to Clean Different Types of Carpet in El Cajon, CA; Steam Cleaning Berber, Frieze, Shag Carpets & More

When you go to look at carpeting you want to check into many different factors. One of them is obviously the look and the color of the carpet to make sure that it fits the room and décor. Another area that you should look at is the ability to clean the carpet. Most people want to have a carpet type that can be treated for stains and other spills as easily as possible. You also want to make sure that the carpet will hold up from professional carpet cleaning. There are some main types of carpets that are sold most often and they each have their own pros when it comes to cleaning. Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning outlines the different types of carpet you can choose from and the best way to clean them.

Professionally Cleaning Berber Carpet

If you have the most common and most sought after carpeting you probably have a Berber style carpet. The great part about a Berber carpet is that it is a lot harder for a stain to penetrate. The carpet is made with varying size loops that make some detail and patter to the actual look of the carpet. The loops are so tight together that the spills have a hard time getting deep in the fibers and in turn will be easier to clean up. The hard part about this style of carpet is that if you have a pet that has long claws or nails they can get stuck in the loops and potentially cause some damage. The cleaning of this type of carpet is easy and it can be cleaned professionally to ensure that it lasts as long as first intended.

Can You Steam Clean Frieze Carpet?

This is a new up and coming type of carpet and is a little more soft and comfortable than a Berber carpet. The frieze uses more of a knotted and twisted look and is a cool and unique looking carpet choice. The great thing about this type of carpet is the durability. The twisted carpet fiber option offers durability and ease of cleaning. You can rest assured that this type of carpet will last as long as it is cared for and cleaned on a regular basis. The carpet can withstand regular professional steam cleaning and the cleaning can allow the carpet to last and look great as vacuum alone can only reach the surface dirt.

How to Make Shaggy Carpet Fluffy Again

You may think that shag carpet is a thing of the past but there are carpets and rugs that use this style for homes. The fibers in a shag rug or carpet are long and have a fun and soft addition to any room. Shag carpet over time and soak up spills and the fiber because of their length can start to look frayed and beat up. The carpet can be cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning company and should be to keep them clean. Stains are somewhat hard to treat and remove due to the length of the shag.

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