How NOT to Remove Really Old Carpet Stains in Chula Vista, CA; Skipping Patch Test, Using Hot Water & More

No matter how protective you are over your carpets, an accident is bound to happen. When the stains blemish the beautiful hues of the soft fabric, instinct might be to cry or go crazy or both. No matter your initial response, there are always solutions for getting the most stubborn stains out, even if you have to extend an invitation to a professional expert like Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning. Though many try to deal with the problems themselves, sometimes people go about it all wrong, and can damage the carpets in the process. We would like to offer some tips on what to NOT do when dealing with a stain to spare you additional aggravation.

Carpet Stain Remover DON’TS

1. Do not use any commercial premade cleaners or even homemade remedies on your carpets without doing a test patch first. Some materials used in the carpet fibers, or the dyes that created the perfect shade may not be compatible with certain ingredients. Before dive into treatment, conduct a patch test in an inconspicuous area to ensure the carpets fibers or colors will not be compromised.
2. Do not forget to read the label. Many cleaners may not be designed for carpets. If you are using a commercial carpet cleaning detergent, follow manufacturer’s directions for optimal results.
3. Avoid using dyed or printed paper towels, cloths, or towels to treat any stains. There has been quite a few times where the dye or print from the towel, cloth or paper towel has transferred onto the stain, leaving a bigger stain for you to deal with. Safest bet is to use all white towels, paper towels and cloths.
4. Do not attack the stain too aggressively. Rubbing or scrubbing carpet stains merely push stains out and down deep into the fibers, leaving a greater hardship than the original stain. Always blot with mild, moderate and in some cases intense pressure to lift away stains.
5. Do NOT use hot water on most stains, especially dye stains. Hot water use can often set in a stain, making it impossible or nearly impossible to remove. Stick with cool water or lukewarm if necessary.
6. Never leave a stain until later. It is always best to deal with a stain as soon as it happens. Allowing stains to fester and set can make it extremely difficult to remove.
7. Do not forget to know what materials are used to manufacture your carpets. There are many options to what carpet fibers are made of. Some fiber materials cannot be cleaned with specific ingredients, or only cleaned with them. If possible try to know what material is used and if you cannot, the patch is certainly optimal.

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These are the common mistakes people make when trying to remove stains. Stain removal can be tricky, and often, better left to professionals. If your carpet is suffering a blemish, feel free to get Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning on the case. Our expert technicians utilize professional quality equipment and products for premium carpet cleaning. Contact us today!

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