How Do You Clean the Floors in Your Business Premises in Bonita, CA? Commercial Carpet & Tile Cleaning

If you are like most businesses, you know how important it is to keep your building clean. It can make or break your business. Most customers are going to support a business that is clean and putting their best foot forward. A big part of making sure your building is clean has to do with the flooring. If the flooring in your building isn’t kept clean, it can make the rest of the space look dirty as well. Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning is here to talk about caring for different types of commercial flooring.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Carpet is still one of the top choices when it comes to commercial flooring options. It is important that it is cleaned professionally to ensure it lasts as many years as possible. This is a large enough investment that most business owners are going to want to make sure they are caring for it properly. Here are some different commercial carpet cleaning methods.
– Hot Water Extraction: This is one of the most common methods used to clean commercial carpet because it is so effective. Hot water extraction is also more commonly known as steam carpet cleaning. It is an extremely effective way to remove any deep soiling and staining.
– Carpet Shampooing: Using a strong detergent and a rotary brush, this is also a common method used to clean stains and dirt from commercial carpet. It usually involves more water and can take a little longer to dry the carpet afterwards. It is best to use this method on the weekend when there isn’t going to be as much activity in the office.
– Bonnet Cleaning: This is a method that also uses a rotary brush that has a bonnet (or a pad) on it to work the dirt out of the top layer of the carpet fibers. It is usually used to get a lighter carpet cleaning result. It is a good method to use between deep carpet cleaning appointments.

Cleaning Commercial Tile Floors

Even if you have tile flooring in your building, it is important that you are cleaning and maintaining it properly. You should be sweeping and mopping the tile flooring on a daily basis to help it stay shiny. If you aren’t having your tile and grout professionally cleaned, you may start to notice that the flooring starts to have a dull and dingy look to it. It is important that tile flooring and grout is professionally cleaned and sealed to give it the protection that it needs.

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If you have commercial flooring that needs professionally cleaned, you can turn to Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning to make sure it’s taken care of. We will ensure your commercial flooring is clean and sparkling to help make your building more inviting to the customers you serve. It is our goal to extend the life of your commercial flooring. Call us today!

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