How Do I Maintain My Carpet After Professional Carpet Cleaning in Carlsbad, CA? Let Dry & More

You have pets or kids or both, your carpet just doesn’t stay clean as you want it to. If you have lighter colored carpets it is often easier to notice when they become dirty. Picture this, you finally got your carpets cleaned. They look and smell so nice. So how do you keep them looking and smelling fresh amid daily use? How do you make it last as long as you can? Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning is here to help you learn the best way to keep your carpets looking their best.

Is it OK to Walk on Wet Carpet After Cleaning?

Don’t rush walking on your carpet after a thorough cleaning. You want to make sure it is completely dry before you start putting traffic on it. If you start walking on the carpet too early while it is still wet, then you could bring in dirt and odors onto your carpet making it dirty again. You also want to avoid putting furniture back right away. If you are putting furniture on the wet carpet you could stain your carpet on the spot you placed your furniture.

Treat a Carpet Stain Immediately

We all know spills and stains happen. We hate them, but accidents happen. The best way to avoid stains is to clean the spill up right away. Leaving it to dry will make it harder to get it out. Cleaning it up as soon as it happens means the stain will have less of a chance of setting into the carpet. You could also avoid eating on the carpet. Keeping it a food free area will help limit the chances of things getting spilled on it.

Vacuum Carpet Often

If you want a clean carpet, then you vacuum regularly. Depending on pets, kids, and how much you are in the carpeted area. You may need to vacuum at least once a day. The cleaner you want the carpet to be, the more often you should vacuum. Vacuuming can make sure that you reduce the amount of dirty, pet hair, and dust that can get on your carpet to make it dirtier.

Remove Shoes & Use Doormats to Help Keep Carpets Clean

Another great idea to help you limit the amount of dirt coming into your house is to make your house a shoe free home. Have everyone remove their shoes before they come inside. Keep the dirt outside where it belongs. Having doormats can really help trap that mess before it gets in your house and on your nice clean carpets. Make sure everyone wiped their feet before they come inside on the carpet.

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You don’t want to make your newly clean carpet dirty the first day it is clean. Follow these few ideas and it will help keep your carpet looking cleaner, longer. Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning is here to help you get and keep your carpets clean. If you have questions concerning carpet cleaning , we would love to answer them.

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