Can Water Stain Carpet in Solano Beach, CA? How to Remove Old Brown Water Stains on Carpets

The carpet in your house is something that you need to work to keep clean. It is walked on, spilled on and used throughout the day by anyone and everyone that enters your home. You need to know what you can be doing to make sure that you care for your carpets. You want to make sure that you vacuum the carpets to keep lose debris and dirt from the carpet. You also want to make sure that you have a plan to clean spots and stains that might be spilled on the carpet. Many of the spills that you come across need to have a specific methods to clean the off the carpet. You want to make sure that you know what they are and what the cleaners are that will work the best. When it comes to spills such as water most people will not take is too serious. The problem is that water can stain your carpet and you will need to clean it. Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning outlines what you need to do about water stains on your carpet.

How Does Water Stain Carpet?

When it comes to Kool aid, juice, food and grass you know that it will stain. The process to clean it off is something that you need to know but you should also know that plain water can cause as stain as well. The stain comes because the water has sediments that are in it that when the water evaporates this is left behind. The sediment is what you see left over when the water dries and this is what creates the staining. This can be water that has been filtered, bottled or even from the tap in your house. All of the water has some sediment and that means that if you spill it the stain will occur. The other problem is that the water can end up causing mold or mildew and that a secondary stain that would need your attention.

How to Remove Water Sediment from Carpet?

The first step that you want to take when dealing with a stain that was left behind is to get out your vacuum. The vacuum will be able to remove the excess and lose debris so that you can start to treat the rest of the stain. Your vacuum has a roller that will also help top break apart the sediment that is stuck to the fibers. The more that you can remove of the sediment in advance the easier it will be to clean the spot.

Carpet Cleaning Solution

Now that you have removed the majority of the staining you want to make sure that you use a cleaning solution to treat what is left. This is when you need to use a clean cloth and a mixture of warm water as well as liquid dish detergent. You want to dip the cloth then dab at the spot to treat the left over residue. Be sure that you do not over saturate the area with water again. The cleaning solution can clear the rest of the stain.

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